The Ash Grove

“The Ash Grove how graceful, how plainly ’tis speaking, the wind through it playing has language for me… The friends of my childhood again are before me, fond memories waken as freely I roam…”

The Ash Grove, John Oxenford

When I was in high school, I auditioned for the All State Chorus, and the song I had to sing was The Ash Grove. It was just a few bars, the lyrics I’ve listed above, however, I often find myself humming or sing this from time to time without realizing it. When I took this photo of EED’s Tree in Flowerpatch, the song immediately came to mind again.

With its lush flowers and foilage, and wooden disk decor, The Tree in Flowerpatch is only 17LI, but is fully resizable, so you can stretch or shrink it as you like. Please remember resizing the item will affect the LI. EED’s Tree in Flowerpatch is a new release available in the EED Mainstore and on the Marketplace.

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