Beautiful Abandon

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

Leonardo da Vinci

With the first July round of Cosmopolitan coming to a close, I just wanted to shine a bit of a spotlight on the newest release by Never Totally Dead. The Abandoned Greenhouse is a beautifully destroyed build. This two room ramshackle building features broken glass, a creaking door, and sliding roof tiles. With a land impact of just 28, this build also features the Kooldoor System.

You can grab the Abandoned Greenhouse at this round of Cosmopolitan. But you better hurry, the round ends tomorrow!

  • The Breakdown:
    • The Abandoned Greenhouse by Never Totally Dead @ Cosmopolitan til 7/11
    • Trees: Twisted Tree by Studio Skye
    • Grass: Wild Grass by Studio Skye
    • Overgrown Fountain by Disorderly
    • Wheelbarrow by Domineaux Effect
    • Razorbird Items:
      • Standpipe & Watering Can
      • Moldy Old Garden Bench
      • Broken Lamp Post
      • Potting Table

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