A Time For Us

“A time for us, someday there’ll be. When chains are torn by courage born of a love that’s free.”

A Time For Us, Nina Rota (Composer)

Stealing away from the worries of the day for a little meditation by the sea. To do that, I’ve set out these new releases from EED. The Time for Us Bench is a cozy bench ensconced in a finely manicured hedge, beneath a large cogwork clock. The Naughty Cherubs are also a new release. This darling little stone angels are frozen in time, watering your flowers. We also have EED’s Roses in Cement Planters. These come in four colors: Apricot, Pink, Red and White.

All of these amazing items can be found at the EED Mainstore. Links are listed below.

  • Credits:
    • Time for Us Bench by EED
    • Naughty Cherubs by EED
    • Roses in Cement Planters by EED
    • Fountain: Concrete Container w/ Waterworks by EED
  • Wall: White Garden Wall by Goose
  • Bushes: Summer Shrubs by HPMD
  • Floor: Created by Mahogany

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