Tales From The Darkside

“Man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality. But… there is, unseen by most, an underworld, a place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit… a Darkside.”

Tales From The Darkside, The Series

Sander recently told someone it’s Halloween with me all year long. And it is so true. I love all things horror! One of my favorite shows as a kid was Tales From The Darkside, a weekly anthology series, featuring 30 minute episodes. If you watched, you’ll remember that some of the best episodes were in the first season: Inside the Closet, A Case of the Stubborns (featuring a young Christian Slater), Anniversary Dinner and Snip, Snip! There are a few memorable ones from later seasons: Black Widows and Baker’s Dozen (Season 3), and No Strings (Season 4). If you’ve never had a chance to watch Tales from The Darkside, you should see if you can find some of the originals. I don’t think they are on any streaming services, but you might find some episodes on Youtube. Or you can watch Tales From The Darkside, The Movie. Also a very good watch!


AU Boutique has released Coppernica, a fantastical steampunk outfit! A mainstore release, Coppernica features a hat, dress, gloves and boots. The dress is made up of propellers. As a fun surprise, the ones covering your breasts, and embedded into the back spin! It’s super cute, but can be made to fit spooky season with just a few little added touches.

Never Totally Dead has released the Circus Side Show Entrance. The perfect creepy landing place for your friends and family, the Circus Side Show Entrance is available at Hallow Manor until Nov. 1!


  • Mahogany Is Wearing:
    • Makeup: SFX Karni by Action
    • Eyes: Button Eyes by Action
    • Hair: Vivid by Truth
    • Earrings: It’s Time by Bilensen & MaiTai
    • Outfit: Coppernica by AU Boutique
  • Scene:
    • Circus Side Show Entrance by Never Totally Dead @ Hallow Manor til 11/1
    • DRD EL trashcans
    • Tool Shed – Floating Balloon (modified, just Clown)
    • Skye Wild Grasses
    • TLG – Dead Wood Trees

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