“This Is Not A Test… May God Be With You All.”

The Purge Announcement

2020 has given us more than our fair share of surprises. At times, it has definitely felt as though we were living in some dystopian society, set in the not so distant future, fearing for our lives, for the safety of our family and friends. But we have somehow managed to persevere. We’ve found joy in the most mundane things; discovered new hobbies and reconnected with family. But now, as the year draws to a close, we can only wonder what end 2020 has planned for us. Is there one final scare looming in the shadows? I guess we just have to wait and see.


  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Hair: Astra by Truth
    • Mask: Purge Mask – Expression 1 by Blackstone – Mainstore Release
    • Earrings: No Salvation by No Match
    • Choker: Leather String Choker by Real Evil
    • Outfit: (Shirt, Pants, Shoes) Unshakable by Monomania – Mainstore Release
    • Balloon: Halloween Boo Balloon by Kennedy Fairlane
  • Scene:
    • Train Car: Old Wagon Train by Killer’s Production
    • Burning Barrels, Tire Pile, Broken & Chair by Love

* Special shout out to Krys, owner of Love, for being so generous with her products: Urban Wasted Corners 1, 2 and 3! My photos would not have been so great without your help!

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