Blog Post #285


Quote 285

Sometimes I put way too much thought into these blog posts. First there needs to be a song, (because.. music!), and the song title should also be the blog title, which should also in some way be referenced by the title of the photo or the photo itself. Then of course, I need an appropriate lyric or two from said song for the blog…


It’s all proven to be a bit too tedious for me lately. Especially when I have so much other stuff I want to do or should be doing. But, maybe if I stop thinking and start doing it will all be a little bit easier. We will see what happens in 2021.


B.D.R. hast the First Snow Dress out at the Pretty Event. You get two versions of the dress, with and without fringes, along with an exhaustive texture hud, featuring colors and patterns. The First Snow Dress is designed to fit the Belleza Freya & Isis, Ebody Curvy, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya Lara, Sling Hourglass & Physique, and Tonic Curvy & Fine bodies. The Pretty Event is open til Dec. 30th.

#PrettyGirlRock had a great run with their 7 days of Christmas Event. The Signs of Hope Earrings were one of the gifts. Resizable, with a 5 color texture hud, these earrings are simple, yet stunning. You can get them in the #PGR Mainstore

Cinnamon Cocaine has the Xmas Coffee Gacha at the Orsy Event! 13 fun coffee flavors to play for. I’m enjoying the Peppermint Coffee.. cause.. Peppermint! Orsy closes the 23rd! After that, you can play at the Cinnamon Cocaine Mainstore!

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