Give Me One Good Reason

Can you give me one good reason not to fuck it up like that?

Kinda Love, Teamarr

PrettyGirlRock is giving you another good reason to visit their store and join the group! The After 5 Dress is a new group gift available in the Mainstore. They also have the Noah’s Ark Jewelry Set out as a gift available at the Hashtag Event.

Cinnamon Cocaine has the Diva Sunglasses out in the Mainstore.

Mahogany is Wearing:

  • Hair Base: The Kylie Effect by GirlyCo
  • Hair: Toko by F.Q
  • Glasses: Diva Sunglasses by Cinnamon Cocaine
  • Dress: After 5 Dress by PrettyGirlRock
  • Jewelry: Noah’s Ark Jewelry Set Gift @ Hashtag Event

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