Out of the Dark

“Starting again is part of the plan. I’ll be so much stronger, holding your hand. Step by step I’ll make it through, I know I can…”


I recently returned to my office full time after working from home for 14 months. The transition is just one of many for me over the last 2-3 months, and its not any less painful than the others. But lucky for me, I have someone willing to hold my hand and help me through. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it without you. ♥


Blackstone is bringing us into the light of Summer with the Kristen Short Bodysuit. Available for Kupra, Legacy and Maitreya, you can pick it up in the Blackstone Mainstore. and for the audiophiles out there, grab the updated Wireless Headphones – Club Edition by Milo’s Bazar. I promise with all the customization options, you’ll never be disappointed with these.

Mahogany is Wearing:

  • Hair: Joya by Doux
  • Headphones: Wireless Headphones Club Edition by Milo’s Bazar
  • Jewelry: Forever in My Heart Earrings & Locket by EarthStones
  • Body Suit: Kristen Short Bodysuit by Blackstone

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