2 Cute to Clean

“Both of us can’t look good at the same time… it’s me or the house.”

Get ready to clean up on deals at the January Round of Designer Showcase! Le’la Design has the Opulence Outfit for you to enjoy! A 5 piece set, The Opulence outfit is comprised of a pair of shoes, a shirt, pants, belt and jacket! All with a handy Texture Change Hud that allows you to mix and match your colors, so as not to wear the same look twice! I dolled it up with the Elise Necklace and Earring set by Sascha’s Designs, also available at Designer Showcase.

It’s the 11th Anniversary Round, so there’s not only great discount on designer gems, but also GIFTS! The January Round of Designer Showcase ends on 1/25. Hurry over today!

Mahogany is Wearing:


  • DaD – Les Memoires Wooden floor lamp
  • DaD – Les Memoires Corrugated Set Rugs
  • Crowded Room – Rusk Couch
  • Crowded Room – Rusk Side Tables
  • Black Nest – Clothes Clutter (Jeans, Socks, Undies, Boxers, Shirt)
  • Half Deer – Laundry Kitties – Bra
  • Half Deer – Neck Tie Clutter
  • Half Deer – Fast Food Clutter
  • Soy – Vintage Lace Curtains
  • Cinoe – Latest Trends – Old Television

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