Conjure of Sacrifice

It is time, Lord. Take me, from the dry dust. Break me, from these chains. Bring me, from the Devil’s house. Take me, out of darkness. Walk me, out of blindness. Lift me, out of sadness. Save me, from my damnedness. Please, Lord”

Conjur of Sacrifice, Edward Shearmur

If you’re looking to get yourself into something a little different, try the Veronica Set by Blackstone. Out this weekend for the Saturday Sale, the set features four pieces: top, panties, top harness, panty harness with 15 color options. The Veronica Set is designed to fit the Kupra, Legacy and Maitreya bodies.

Dreamcatcher has the Mystic Crown v2 available in their Mainstore. This crown is updated with old and new texture HUDs which include rose, skull and metal options. While you’re in the Mainstore, check out the Echo of Darkness globes. They only come in the color shown: red, sea and purple. They can also be resized to fit your decor needs.

Mahogany is Wearing:

  • Hair: Saki by Argrace
  • Crown: Mystic Crown v2 by Dreamcatcher
  • Outfit: Veronica Set by Blackstone
  • Rings: Lovers Rings by Minimal


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