Live Performing in SL

““Her voice left a flavor of honey and gunpowder on the air.”

Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

♪ – BIO:

Mahogany is a long time SL resident, who is finally fulfilling her original purpose for being in the game: Live Performing. Mahogany hails from Southern New Jersey, where she has the pleasure of performing everything from Traditional Gospel and Musical Theater, to R&B and Classic Rock.

Singing in choirs since the age of 5, Mahogany can find a song or lyric for any occasion. A movie soundtrack aficionado, musical theater geek and international karaoke queen, Mahogany finds she is at her happiest when sharing the joys of music with others.

Currently serving up smooth jazz, sultry soul, and R&B at several venues across the grid.

♫ – Schedule:

– Every Other Monday – 6:00 pm SLT @ SheWorthy Pub

♫ – Tuesdays- 6:00 pm SLT @ Jake’s Place on Poppy Street

– Every Other Tuesday – 3:00 pm SLT @ Home of Peace

♫ – Wednesdays – 4 pm SLT @ The Bar @ Haven

♫ – Thursdays – 8 pm SLT @ The Leopard Lounge

– Fridays – 5 pm SLT @ The Lion’s Den

♫ – Every Other Friday – 3:00 pm SLT @ Vibe Live Music International

♫ – Saturdays – 5 pm SLT @ Brazen Head

♫ – Every Other Saturday – 7 pm SLT @ After Hours

♫ – Booking Info:

Mahogany is available for performances Monday – Friday after 3 pm SLT.
Availability varies on weekends, please inquire for scheduling.

♪ – Also available for Private Parties and Events. Inquire for Pricing.

♪ – SoundCloud

♪ – Facebook Group

For Booking or More Information, Contact Mahogany