Forever Love

“And until all the glitters gone, we’ll be adding on to make it even stronger.
True love will never die, long after the love has lost it’s shine.”
After The Love Has Lost It’s Shine by Regina Belle

In The Air by Exquisite Eye Designs
Love is In The Air!  The chilly nights of January will soon give way to the short, sweet days of February.  And you know what that means?  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!   To prepare for the celebration of Romantic Love, EED has two fabulous items available!  
In The Air is an original mesh photo prop that is a part of The Creative Spark!  Needing only 16 LI, In The Air features an adorable craft plane hanging from a cloud.  Two love bird are comfortably operched on one end of the wing, while you and your love can rest on the other side.  Two heart shaped ballons, and a grassy field full of fluttering butterflies make this a perfect Valentine’s Day photo prop!  On Sale in the EED Mainstore from January 15th – January 30th, you can get this amazing item on Sale for $149L.  
The Creative Spark is an in-store themed sales event that runs twice a month.  The theme for this period is, (of course) Love Is In The Air. So fly on  over to the EED Mainstore to catch this great item while it’s on sale. 
True Love Is Forever
New love can be amazing, and seem super easy and incredibly hot.  But True Love takes patience, kindness, humility and understanding.  True love is for better or worse, sharing in each other’s joys and accepting each other’s faults.  This adorable old couple parked in your garden will serve as a reminder of how sweet and serendiptous everlasting love can be.
True Love is Forever is available on the Marketplace for $300L.  Using 21 LI, this item is partial mesh, and is completely resizable.  Featuring a hanging tree, a stone wall, rocks, and just the right amount of greenery, True Love Is Forever would be a welcome addition to your landscaping.  Use it as a focal point for your garden, or set it out in a glade. The possibilities are endless with this awe inspiring symbol of true love.  
A super special THANK YOU to my friends at EED for giving me two fantastic items to blog this week!  If you’ve enjoyed reading about them, why not visit the EED Mainstore  or browse their Marketplace offerings. You can also take a look at their Flickr!
Thanks for reading!  Hope to have more great items for you soon!

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