That Magic

“And you were invincible. Only the truth. Shimmering like a star. In the moonlight, the moonlight o-oh.”

” Stick with me, From galaxy to galaxy”

Every now and again, a creator comes out with something that is so striking, it encourages me to stretch the limits of my creativity and imagination. This week, it was Stone’s Works, with the release of their amazing Ice Ear Cuffs and Necklace for Fantasy Faire.

Ice Ear Cuffs & Necklace by Stone’s Works

The Ice Ear Cuffs and Necklace by Stone’s Works available exclusively at Fantasy Faire for the low cost of $275L. If Cool Blue gems and ice white diamonds are not your thing, you can pick up the red hot sister set, Fire Necklace and Ear Cuffs Also for $275L. Fantasy Faire runs until May 5th, so you might want to drop in today to pick up this awesome set.

Moon Witch Elemental Plinths, Fairy Bath Stump, and Clock Tree.

Other cool items you will find in my photos: The Fairy Bath Stump by Dysfunctionality. I picked it up for 50 Lindens during 50 Linden Friday. If you’re looking for some amazing fantasy decor items, Dysfunctionality has PLENTY! Also, when I saw the Moon Witch Elemental Plinth by Plastik, I knew I had to have it for this scene! Neither Plastik nor Dysfunctionality are sponsors, but you’ll want to check them out if you love to do fantasy photos.

“And you were invincible…”

As always, a special shout out to my friends at Stone’s Works for sponsoring this post. And a huge thank you to YOU for reading! *hugs!*

The BreakDown:

  • Stormwood: Fireflies ~ Summer Flicker Fade
  • {anc} fairyteil light field. [L] 2Li (gold)
  • [NC] – The Clock Tree – Musky
  • LISP – Mesh – Charlotte Clock Noir
  • :[P]:- Elemental Plinth – Moon Witch
  • [DDD] Flickering Fairy Bottle
  • [DDD] Fairy Bath Stump
  • Skye Tangled Cherry Arch
  • ~Wild Grass Flowers v2 GP16
  • JIAN :: Nightingale Bird
  • TLC Animals – BlueTit _Clinging
  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Body by Maitreya
    • Head: Genus Head – Strongface
    • Hair: Fiji by Truth
    • Jewelry: Ice Ear Cuffs & Necklace by Stone’s Works @ Fantasy Faire
    • Outfit: Galena Snow Fantasy Outfit by RAMP
    • Glamour Glitter by Cole’s Corner

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