“Do you believe in magic, in a young girl’s heart…”

The Lovin’ Spoonful
EED’s Rocks with Birches

Every now and again, you come across something in SL that inspires you to make a little magic. EED‘s Rocks with Birches is that item for me this week. It’s a very simple piece: 2 birch trees interwoven with some rocks and pretty grass. I set mine along the water on my parcel, then copied it a bunch of times to create the photo above. And then, I sat down on the rocks.

Cyn Halter Dress by Allure Couture

Wearing the Cyn Halter Dress by Allure Couture, and the Soul Spark Aura by Cinnamon Cocaine, I managed to make some SL Magic. The Cyn Halter Dress is a new release by Allure Couture for the month of August. It comes matching heels, and includes a 10 color texture hud for the dress, and a separate hud for the shoes.

The Soul Spark Aura Set by Cinnamon Cocaine is a 10 piece Aura Set that comes with sparkling attachments for your Body, Hands, A Crown for your head, and feet. You can wear the ones you want to create your own personal Aura. Because I wanted to suggest that I was creating a spark of magic, I’m only wearing the Left Hand Aura and Body Aura #1.

Rocks with Birches at Sunset

That’s it for now. A huge thank you to EED, Allure Couture and Cinnamon Cocaine for sponsoring this post.

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