“Your love’s coming down like rain, wash away my sorrow, take away my pain. Your love’s coming down like rain.”

Rain, Madonna
Aire Dress by B.D.R

Being a Pisces, I have a love/love relationship with all things water, especially rain. Grey, gloomy days aside, a nice warm rain falling on my face is one of the most amazing feelings ever. A soft rain washing away all of the worries of the day, cleaning the slate to give you a new start is so incredibly soothing and refreshing.

Something else that can be incredibly soothing and refreshing, is having your work validated. I recently reached out to a new creator in SL, inquiring as to whether or not they were looking for bloggers. Said creator told me that I needed better quality photos. Ouch! I definitely took a bit of a hit to my ego. However, today, I was completely humbled when one of my favorite creators, Beautiful Dirty Rich (B.D.R.) added me to their blogging team. To celebrate that achievement, I am showcasing their latest release in today’s blog.

The Aire Dress is available at this round of AnyBODY. Sleek and knee length, the Aire dress features a 20 texture HUD. The Aire Dress is fitted for the following bodies: Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Legacy and Altamura Sofia. You can pick it up at AnyBody until February 29th. After that it will be available in the B.D.R Mainstore.

See the links below for more information on my newest sponsor.

One thought on “Rain

  1. Absolutely amazing work, love. I’ve always looked at your pictures in awe and wonder, your ideas and your creativity has inspired me since day one and it has certainly made me a better photographer and blogger ❤️️ Some creators are ignorant and downright stupid. We leave them behind to eat dust 😘

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