“The devil’s greatest trick convincing the world that we were the ones who were violent…”

I Can’t Breathe Again, Nick Cannon

I am exhausted. Mentally, physically and emotionally drained. Spiritually devastated that we are here. Again. Still trying to overcome. Still seeking equal rights and to be seen as human. Begging, screaming and gasping with our last breaths for America to take its knee off of our necks.

Please don’t ask me again how I feel. Don’t ask me to see your side, the other side, someone else’s side. My heart can’t take it. My mind won’t hear it. My mouth can no longer be controlled. Don’t say that you see me. Don’t tell me you understand. You never will.

Our minority is no longer accepted. Your privilege is no longer respected. It is ignorant, it is ugly, and it will no longer be tolerated.


  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Hair: Jocelyn Hairstyle v2 by Throned
    • Lashes: High Vibe Lashes by Cinnamon Cocaine
    • Lipstick: MelaninMagic – Matte by MJN
    • Nose Stud: Diamond Nose Stud by Punch

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