“You slavers will know what it’s like to be a slave. A slave to your heart. A slave to your soul. Oh Dambala, come Dambala.

Dambala, Nina Simone

Jumo Originals is calling to the ancestors with their offering for the July round of Designer Showcase. The Karin Gown has a fitted bodice, low back, spaghetti straps and full voluminous skirt. You also get matching earrings and a 20 texture hud with your purchase. Hurry over! The July round of Designer Showcase ends on July 28th!

  • Mahogany is Wearing
    • Hair: No Sun by No Match
    • Necklace: Ephixa by Minimal
    • Bracelets: Haya by Real Evil
    • Dress & Earrings: Karin Dress by Jumo @ Designer Showcase til July 28th
  • Voodoo Items: Voodoo Shoppe by DRD
    • Lecora’s Chair
    • Voodoo Queen Staff
    • Nganga’s Cauldron
  • Campfire: Deerwood Campfire by Chez Moi

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