Take It Easy

Even though I have more time on my hands during the pandemic, it would appear that I am less able to manage my time. I find myself unable to focus, missing deadlines, and overall in a rush to get everything done. So, I decided to take a break and regroup. I popped over to hear a friend perform in SL, got settled onto a pillow and thought wow, this would be a great pose for blog photo I should be taking right now…

So, I went back home, changed my clothes, and then while listening (or pretending to.. because.. like I said, focus), I fiddled with Firestorm settings, windlights, camera angles, and got a picture that kinda sort does the job. So much for relaxing…


The September round of Designer Showcase is swiftly coming to a close. But there’s still time to head over and grab this late summer set by Suga Baby. The Parker Short Set comes with super cute, belted denim shorts and an adorable fringed halter top. There is an 8 color texture hud that makes it fun to find the perfect color for you.

This round of Designer Showcase ends on 9/25!

  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Hair: BYOB by Doux
    • Piercing: Diamond Nose Stud by Punch
    • Earrings: Cloudy Day Earrings by !nfinity
    • Bracelets: Carina Bracelets@ Rings by Real Evil
    • Outfit: Parker Outfit by Suga Baby @ Designer Showcase til 9/25

Photo taken at For The Love of Music, a new music venue in SL.

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