“1. (adjective) Cultured, refined, and well mannered. 2. (noun) Good manners; refinement.”

Google Dictionary

My grandmother was not a woman to mince words. She said what she meant, and she meant what she said. How you took it was completely up to you. She carried herself as a woman above reproach; classy, cultured and refined. She always made it clear when she didn’t care for someone. And if you would ask her why, she would simply say, “They don’t have no couth.” As a kid, I didn’t understand what it meant, but I certainly didn’t want her to ever say that about me. Now that she’s gone, I strive daily to live my life, and my Second Life, in a way that would make her proud.

Some people see it as being bougie, snobby or high saditty. And if we are honest, some will alway see me and say “Now here comes this bitch.” To those, I simply say, “You don’t have no couth.”


If you are a lady of refinement, who enjoys clothing with couth, check out AU Boutique’s spring collection. In it, you will find the Duchess outfit: a finely textured suit with matching clutch, hat and shoes. The Duchess is available as a Mainstore Release, available now! See the amazing details on the back of the jacket and the hat below:

You will also want to check out the February round of Designer Showcase, where Hasuriza has the Business Square Glasses, and Moondance Boutique is premiering their Florence Jewelry set. Both are exclusives to Designer Showcase. The February round opens TODAY, and runs through 2/25.


  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Duchess Outfit by AU Boutique
    • Glasses: Business Square Glasses by Haysuriza @ Designer Showcase til 2/25
    • Jewelry: Florence Jewelry Set by Moondance Boutique @ Designer Showcase til 2/25
  • Car: Anne by 777 Motors

2 thoughts on “Couth

  1. I think I would’ve liked your grandmother very much, Miss M! :))
    And I am definitely going to check out Au Boutique. The Duchess ensemble is gorgeous.
    Thank you~!

    ~Julie (Ellie, Dahlia, Carly, etc.) LOL

    Calling all Second Life photographers/artists! 📷

    Liked by 2 people

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