Better Days

“… we are all moons in the dark of night. Ain’t no morning gonna come ’til the time is right. Can’t get to better days lest you make it through the night.”

Better Days, Dianne Reeves

Taking it back in time a little bit with Tuesdays and Ave Moi. Ave Moi has the Candles on Old Books Set, that comes with a scripted on/off option for the candles. The stack of books is 100% mesh, has animations in it for reading by candlelight, and a built in texture change menu. You can grab it in the Ave Moi Mainstore.

Tuesdays has the Antique Dressers at the latest round of The Liaison Collaborative. The set features a dresser and armoire with many options to create your unique look. There are 4 wood options, 6 metal options, and 6 knob options. Just click the dresser and start playing. The shadows are tintable. They are white and come tinted a universally neutral blackish color but can be changed to better match the surface they fall upon. The Liasion Collaborative closes on 2/10, so hurry!

  • Scene Details:
    • Candles on Old Books Set by Ave Moi
    • Antique Dressers by Tuesdays at The Liasion Collaborative til 2/10
    • Canvas Clutter, Frame Clutter and Paintings from Tortured Artists Set by Tuesdays
    • Water Pitcher by Tuesdays
    • Painter’s Stool by Soy
    • Artistic Clutter by Vespertine
    • Winter Watercolor Cards by Sari-Sari
    • Craft Clutter by Tarte

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