Mechanical Butterfly

“The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”

George Carlin

Zibska makes all things beautiful, as evidenced by her entry for this round of Engine Room. The Effect Headpiece features a multitude of gears coloring metal butterfly wings. If that wasn’t enough for year, their are tiny butterflies made up of gears that increase the whimsy of this piece 100 fold. You can also pick up the Effect Make Up (not shown because I’m BOM lazy) to complete the look.

But that’s not all! Zibski also has out the Ori Make Up, which I am wearing on my eyes, as a gift.

Engine Room runs from Sept 20th through Oct. 20th. You have plenty of time to plan to get flutter over and grab this amazing headpiece.

Mahogany is Wearing:

  • Headpiece: Effect Headpiece by Zibska @ Engine Room 9/20 – 10/20
  • Eye Make up: Ori Make up by Zibska @ Engine Room 9/20 – 10/20
  • Lipstick: Marthe Lipstick by Zibska
  • Necklace: Leather String Choker by RE
  • Earrings: Simplicity Pearls by CAE
  • Piercing: Diamond Nose Stud by Punch
  • Hair: BYOB by Doux

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