“One should never be the oldest thing in one’s house.”

Patsy Stone

With RL getting crazy, my time in SL is sparse, but I do find a bit of peace in blogging. Creating a scene for a photo allows me to exercise my creativity while getting my SL fix. Unfortunately, I don’t have many Decor sponsors, so I don’t get to do it often. However, Tuesdays has been a great sponsor for a couple of years, so I’m super excited to get to blog their new items.

The Fall Decor Set by Tuesdays comes with a pumpkin with 9 texture options. 2 Frames, with & without a border, each with 12 texture options. You also get a decorative cage and a bonus table. You can pick up the Fall Decor set at the Salem Event, which runs until 10/31.

Scene Stuffs:

  • Fall Decor Set by Tuesdays at Salem Event til 10/31
    • Pumpkins
    • Frames
    • Decorative Cage
  • Garland: Autumn Arched Garland by Persnickety
  • Ghosts: Trick or Treat Ghosts by Half Deer
  • Lanterns: Autumn Lantern by Violetility
  • Flowers: Autumn Flowers by Aphrodite
  • Wood Block Cat by Friday
  • Boots: Autumn Mood – Boots by Dahlia
  • Water Pitcher by Tuesdays
  • Forgotten Library Bust by Nutmeg
  • Spooky Doggo by Astrailia
  • House: Meadow House by Hive x Dust Bunny

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