“Lost for you. I’m so lost for you. You come crash into me. And I come into you. I come into you.”

Crash, Dave Matthews Band

There’s still time to pick up some super creepy deals at The Hashtag Event and at Necrotize.

RYL has the Golem Skin waiting for you at The Hashtag Event. I was skeptical about this skin (I rarely change skins and I don’t use BOM) but when I put it on, I knew it was definitely worthy of a creepy shot. So give it a shot. But hurry, The Hashtag Event closes on 11/1.

If you’re looking for something creepy but also a little fun, check out Villem by Zibska at Necrotize. Villem is a helmet with shoulder pads and orbits. It looks dark and creepy in my photo, but the hud allows you to change the colors of all the pieces. So you can keep it dark and creepy, or bright and fun. Either way, you definitely want to take a look. Necrotize is open until 11/20.

Mahogany is Wearing:

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