Good Morning, Class

“Time waits for no man. So be the best that you can today. If you’re an A student, be the best A student you can be. If you’re a C student, be the best C student you can be. If you’re an F student, you’re not doing your best. Do Better!”

Mr. Leroy Washington, 8th Grade English

Welcome to Savings 101! AU Boutique has an amazing collection for Winter/Spring 2022. Made up of 13 darling dresses and gorgeous gowns! The Dolly Dress is an adorable knee length dress with striped collar and cuffs, and a neckerchief accent. Designed to fit the Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique and Venus Bodies, the Dolly Dress is available in a pack of Blue and Red. You can pick up the Dolly Dress at the AU Boutique Mainstore.

Every teacher needs a pair of specs to make them look studious and professional. The Thin Frame Round Glasses by Milo’s Bazar are just the thing. Available in regular and smaller versions, the Thin Frame Round Glasses by Milo’s Bazar features a one click personalization script to help your glasses fit perfectly so you look your best! They are coming soon to the Marketplace.

Mahogany is Wearing:


  • Classroom, Poster & Desk Clutter: School Days Set by Kopfkino
  • Daisies: Daisy Jar by Tarte

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