Turn Back Time

“If I could turn back time.  If I could find a way,
I’d take back all the words that’d hurt you, and you’d stay…”
Turn Back Time, Cher

Get ready to turn back the hands of time with this amazing Jeweled Goth Top Hat by Stone’s Works!  Available exclusively at Bittersweet, this hat will have you turning heads wherever you go!

Embellished with dazzling jewels, this original mesh hat is a must have accessory for anyone who is looking to release their inner goth, get sexy in steampunk, or just loves high fashion!

What I love most about this hat, is that it’s completely resizable, and it looks great whether large, small or somewhere in between.  And it’s unrigged mesh, so you can move it around to find the place where it best fits your head.
Bittersweet runs from August 10th – August 26th.  So hurry through “the twisted paths of an overrun dark and delectable world…. A Pastel-gothic inspired candy land.” and make sure you pick up this gem of a hat while you’re there!
Special thanks, as always, to my friends at Stone’s Works for sponsoring this post!  You can follow them on Facebook or Flickr!
Body:  Maitreya
Hair:   Mono by Emo-tions
Hat:  Jeweled Goth Top Hat by Stone’s Work
Monocle:  Idere Steampunk Style  Monicle
Choker & Earrings:  Steampunk Clock in Time by Pixel Box
Gloves:  Idere Steampunk Style (applier)
Dress:  Steampunk Corset Gown by JrC

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