“Only a person who has passed through the gate of humility can ascend to the heights of the spirit.”

Rudolf Steiner
Outfit by Zephyr, Tattoo by Psychoala, Light Sparkles by Cinnamon Cocaine

There is something to be said about always being the bigger person. As hard as it may be at times (because some folks really try me), I often find a greater portion of peace for having allowed the universe to take on the heavy work that comes with giving the annoying people their comeuppance. Now this is not to say that I don’t sometimes slip up and let some people have it. But those instances are few and far between…

Animation: MeditationF1, found in the Be Happy Beach Scene by TM Creation

Well, now they are. There was a time when, if you even looked at me wrong, I might take offense and blast you right where you stood. Loud, long and obnoxious, leaving you convinced that you absolutely deserved the tongue lashing I had just dished out. But time, and grace, has softened my tone and taught me humility. I measure my maturity and spiritual growth by the number of times I DON’T bless someone’s soul with this sharp-edged tongue of mine.

When you want to set up a place of peace in SL, where you can relax, meditate and focus, consider using the Be Happy Beach Scene from TM Creation. And exclusive for the Swank Event, The Be Happy Beach Scene comes complete with all you see in the photo above, plus Male and Female Solo Animations, plus PG and Adult Couples Animations. The Swank Event is open September 30th.

… manifest your own happiness

So manifest your own happiness by picking up the Be Happy Beach Scene. You will certainly be glad that you did!

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