Rum Punch

“It was a maddening image and the only way to whip it was to hang on until dusk and banish the ghosts with rum. “

Hunter S. Thomson

Of all the drinks in all the world for me to be allergic to, my body decided, in my early 20’s, to tell me I was allergic to rum. I get hot, I start to sweat, and my right shoulder becomes incredibly heavy, as if there is an anvil resting on it. I have to lean to the side to try and alleviate the pressure, but the leaning causes my entire right arm to ache. It’s an experience I’ve only had once or twice, but it’s definitely kept me off the rum for life.

HOWEVER! In SL, I can enjoy a rum punch or two with the Ba Mwen En Ti Bo Bar by Never Totally Dead. Ba Mwen En Ti Bo means “Give Me A Little Kiss”. This adorable little beach bar is their prize for the Skull-n-Bones hunt that’s open August 18th – September 18th. When the hunt ends, the prize will be gone! You can feel free to play the whole hunt, or just visit the NTD store to grab the prize! You can find info, hints, etc at the store! Happy hunting!

For a great Rum Sunset Recipe, see Sander’s Blog.

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