“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo Di Vinci

I often admire the work of SL photographers who can make a cluttered photo look so simplistic. I have not yet acquired the art, but am working my way towards it. For me, the fewer things in the photo the better, or else it just looks like a big jumbled mess.

Petite Table & Frame and Sconce Cages by Tuesdays

My admiration of all things simplistic in nature and design, leads me to today’s blog post, featuring products by Tuesdays. I first came to know of Tuesdays’ amazing products when I blogged for the Zodiac event in 2019. Now, I’m an official blogger for the brand and it is amazing! All of their work is so well designed and textured. You have the opportunity to get a great price on the Petite Table & Frame, AND the Sconce Cages pictured above at this round of Cosmopolitan.

The Petite Table is designed to fit into those small hallways or narrow spaces in your home. It is available in painted or stained textures. The frame is fully loaded with 12 original works of art. Both can be resized, and are 1 LI at their original size. The Sconce Cages come as a set of 4, with 4 different textures. They come with bonus candles, that turn on or off. The Sconce Cages are fully resizable, and are also 1 LI at their original size. Both are available at Cosmopolitan until January 25th. After that, you can find them in the Tuesday’s Main Store or on their Marketplace.

For more information on Tuesdays and the other items in the photo, see the links below! For a slightly different view of these items, see Sander’s Blog Post.

  • Scene Breakdown
    • Products by Tuesdays:
      • Petite Table & Frame @ Cosmopolitan til Jan. 25th
      • Sconce Cages @ Cosmopolitan til Jan. 25th
      • Corbel Shelf (short)
      • Water Pitcher
      • Drama Stools
    • Products By Nutmeg:
      • Dacha Old Wooden Chest (clutter included)
      • Dissaray Wicker Basket
      • Old Oriental Rug
    • Products by Dust Bunny:
      • Tabletop Plants – Monstera Leaves
      • Tabletop Plants – Fiddle Leaf Branch
      • Tabletop Plants – Pink Peony (Gold)
      • Tabletop Plants – Sword Leaf
      • Darling Hanging Plant
    • Product By Hive:
      • Hanging Devil’s Ivy Plant

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