“Evenings are the beautiful sweet spot between the harsh light of the day and the dead darkness of the night.”


April, to me, is like the evening. It is the midway point between the cold winds of Winter and the impending heat of Summer. It’s can be cold and rainy, or warm and windy, but it’s always beautiful.


Today, I am shining a spotlight on London Girl! They have the Vito Tee and Blue Jeans available at this round of Designer Showcase. The Vito Tee comes in 2 packs, with 9 texures in each pack. The Blue Jeans have 6 color options and 3 belts to go with! Both are available for the Belleza, Slink, Legacy and Maitreya bodies. Designer Showcase runs until April 28th!

I’m also showcasing the Metal & Plastic Sunglasses by Milo’s Bazar again. I just wanted to give you a better look at the glasses. The glasses come with all the bells and whistles that Milo’s Bazar is known for: one click positioning, color change, & texture change. Take a peek at the Marketplace Store for more information.

  • Mahogany Is Wearing:
    • Hair: Ariana by Doux
    • Glasses: Metal & Plastic Sunglasses by Milo’s Bazar
    • Nose Ring: Diamond Nose Ring by Punch
    • Earrings: Cloudy Day Earrings by !nfinity
    • Rings: Lovers Rings By Minimal
    • Rings: Carina Bracelets & Rings by Real Evil

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